Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Angkor Wat Services is not a Travel Agency. It is prepared with the needs of all Travelers in mind.
AngkorWat Services have helped many tourists from all over the world during they stayed in Cambodia,such as USA, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Hungary, Mongol, United Arab,Israel, Services has  Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg,UK, Czech republic, Russia, Canada, New Zea land, Australia, Malaysia,Indonesia, Philippine, Brunei, Myanmar, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, China,Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Thailand, Laos,,.....
We have provided innovativeservices, and break through pricing to hundreds of satisfied visitorsthroughout the world. Our business has always been conducted by Mobile Phone:(+855) 97 6665 138 and (+855) 16 903 112 E-mail:, Skype:svakum
We understand the intricaciesof the expensive travel and we can provide the entire experience, includingtravel arrangements and special services. We can help you with your concerns. Our goal is to make sure that the travelaspects are handled properly and effectively. Hundreds of satisfiedvisitors bear witness to our success in meeting their expectations.

Our in depth and personal relationship with our service allows us to offer thevisitors the following benefits:

• Lower prices on most service but excellent tour
• Trustworthy commitments
• Expert advice on tour itineraries, customs and preferred modes of behavior
• Up to date explanation of events affecting the travel

Our business is based on a long term relationship with our visitors. We focusexplicitly on delivering the total experience to our visitors.
I try my best to provide you with real exciting, marvelous and amazing tour,which is unforgettable.
Our promise to you is EXCELLENCEin service, EXPERTISE inplanning every detail of your journey and EXPERIENCE that you can trust.

Contact us today and tell us help youwith your plans.
Find and Book at our low price
Be sure to contact us if you have any questions

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